Monday, September 11, 2006

Time, time, time, slipping away from me...

The agony of days passing by so slow but each day brings us closer to liftoff. You strain with the task of trying to cram the most into 8 days. I’d be happy just to drive the car everyday but I’m sure that Marcia, Andy and Julie would like to see something while we’re there. And, we’re talking about great wine, fantastic food and the thrill of being abroad and experiencing the culture. We’ve changed the itinerary about as many times as I’ve changed the color of the car.

We’ve finally settled on a nite in Munich to get rid of the jet lag, picking the cars up bright and early on Friday and then hitting the road for Italy. First up, Lake Como, the idyllic scenery of mountain lakes and villages. Followed by Cinque Terre, the tiny villages that you see hanging off the side of the Mediterranean cliffs that you see on the cover of every Italian photo book. Then three days in the Chianti area, lounging about, experiencing the wine, food and the surrounding hill towns of Tuscany. We’ll try to squeeze in Siena, San Gimignano, Montepulciano and as many as we have time for. Oh yeah and a day in Florence to relive Room With A View. With time up we’ll head north to Salzburg, stopping on the way in Maranello for some Ferrari souvenirs.

Our last night will be in Munich to put a final cap on our adventures and toast the whole shemoggle with some fine German beer. If it all goes as planned, we should be logging some 1400 miles on the cars before we have to say goodbye.

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