Friday, September 15, 2006

Delivery!! The dream is realized.

1. Our 1st Euro Breakfast at the fantastic Kings Hotel Munich
2. The very unauspicious gate in the fence where paradise lay...
3. Marcia, Pia and M 6180Z - 3 beauties!!!
4. A & J's E46 Cabriolet - still a classicly beautiful bodystyle
5. Ready to hit the road.

Unable to contact A&J we walked around Munich all day and half the night. The town is filling up with folks headed for Octoberfest this weekend. We had a fantastic meal at an outside cafe in the old town accompanied by some great Augustiner weis bier served with a head like whipped cream.

Up bright and early to a fantastic spread for brekkie and off to Freimann via the Ubahn, humping our luggage up and down the escalators and then a 15 minute ride by train. Somewhat strange that for a premium auto you hop off the train in little more than a field. You follow instructions that send you down a dirt path to a gate in a fence where you ring a bell and someone comes out to greet you. Inside you're treated like royalty while they process your paperwork. Champagne while you wait, assorted pastries, etc. Then the moment arrives, Pia our delivery specialist, comes up the stairs our passports in hand and, recognizing our photos, has a few papers for us to sign before we're escorted to the garage area where there she sits! A quick run through of the features (I didn't hear any of it), instructions to keep it under 4000 rpm for the first 1000 miles and then we're turned loose.

A&J called us last evening to let us know they were on a flight from Charlotte and would meet us at the delivery center. It was torture waiting for them as the impulse to drive was severe. Finally about 11 am they rolled in to go through the same process we completed 2 hours earlier. The big moment arrives and we plug a local BMW dealer's location into the nav and head off to purchase vignettes (required for driving thru Austria and Switzerland, and safety vests which are required for you to wear in the event of an accident and you have to get out of the car on the motorway). About noon, errands run we are finally on our way to Salzburg.


Keith said...

Rich, firstly I don't believe that you'll keep the monster at 4k rpm for long, and certainly not once you're on those fabbo autoban's.

Secondly, find an unrestricted autobahn on a Sunday (when trucks don't travel) and get Marcia to get a photo of your top speed on the speedo...... go on, dare ya !

Indyrich said...

You're such a trouble maker Keith! Unfortunately 130 was all she wrote and by that time Marcia was disgusted with my tactics and refused to take any more photos. I know it would have done more, I just ran out of room.