Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Waiting, Planning, Waiting...

Time is winding down for our departure to Munich. The big day is September 13 and we've spent the last few weeks mulling over itineraries and locking in the myriad of details involved with the car purchase.

For those not familiar with Euro Delivery, BMW really has an excellent program and if you've got you're heart set on a BMW, what better way to experience the car than to drive it in the land and roads it was designed to deal with. Plus, the savings you negotiate help to cover the cost of your vacation. Also available to program participants, is a Lufthansa 2 for 1 deal where your spouse flies free in either coach or business class, depending on the size of your wallet.

From time to time while you're waiting, BMW sends you little goodies...an alarm clock to remind you of your upcoming adventure, meal vouchers for use in the corporate cafe while you're waiting for your car to be delivered to you, and an assortment of information you'll need, from walking maps of Munich, to open/close hours of the distribution center and various drop-off points scattered in major European cities.

So for now we continue with the wait.