Thursday, September 14, 2006


Off to a rocky start, but we have arrived!!

Despite a few months worth of planning, no one bothered to count on the weather. The incredibly bad weather in the Midwest on Tue and Wed through Chicago's flight schedule into disarray. Fortunately, although our flight was 3 hours late in leaving South Bend, we were able to just make our LH connection on time. Intending to meet A & J, we waited until the last minute before boarding the plane. We never saw them as they arrived late to O'Hare to learn that the plane had already departed. To make matters worse, they were then informed that all flights out of O’Hare that week were overbooked. No one wanted to take responsibility, Lufthansa pointing the finger at United and vice versa. They tried to reach Munich by way of Frankfurt, Paris, New York, all to no avail. As of this writing they are now sitting in Charlotte hoping to get out this evening.

Our flight went as planned but I can’t say that it was enjoyable. The aircraft was a Airbus 330-300 and it was extremely uncomfortable for someone with my 6’5” height, at least the way Lufthansa has it configured. I got very little sleep and was a knot of cramps when we deplaned. The FREE WARSTEINER went a long way towards making the pain at least livable. We took the Lufthansa Airport bus (which was a joy after the plane, oodles of leg room), a 40 minute direct shot to the central train station which was 500 yards from our hotel. I have to say that Munich Airport was a joy. Ultra clean, clearly marked, lots of people movers and surprisingly, no one around. It was obviously built to handle a lot more people it currently experiences. Oh, the hotel is great (King’s Hotel).

Because of Andy and Julies problems, we’ll now run our itinerary in reverse, so for tomorrow its pick up the car, meet Andy and Julie at the delivery center, and then off to Salzburg.

1. Munich street scene at the Marianplatz, Munich's central square.
2. Alternative transportation - German style
3. Window shopping
4. Like most US big cities, Munich as a bevy of painted lions scattered about.
5. Free Warsteiner! No comment necessary!


Bob G said...

Well, heavens Rich, what do you expect a French airliner to be anyway, comfortable?

Greg said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos and the fun. Man, I'm envious... ;-D Have a great (like that might be a problem!) time. Be safe.

David said...

Rich, I'm looking forward to hearing more about your travels and seeing some more pics.

Pace yourself, and finish strong!

jeff said...

Well when they didn't show, I would have gone to the 'ring....

Keith said...

Hi Rich, just got back from Brittany to get your email with this great idea of a blog. Great pics of your new toy (now this is really a BRIGHT white colour). Keep the story coming and PLEASE try and eat in the Latte de Lunne (sp?) restaurant in Pienza that I emailed you about.

Jeff; the last time Rich went round the ring in a BMW 330 (oil burner) we blew it up !

Indyrich said...

Thanks guys for all your comments, I really enjoyed the banter. Unfortunately once we left Munich, internet access dried up. I'm trying to catch up with my posts now. See you all soon.