Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All systems go…D -1

OK, mail stopped, check. Papers stopped, check. Dog boarded, check. Daughter off to be a live-in sister with her very best friend. Driving routes all worked out. Navigation DVD arrived in the mail -- you would think that BMW would loan you a navigation disk for the time you’re in Europe but no. Thankfully there is a cottage industry of industrious Bimmer freaks who have the euro delivery process down to an art. Tons of advice, what to do, what to avoid as well as one very considerate bloke who services the ED community by renting Nav disks at a very affordable rate. At his price, he can’t be making any money on it and how he keeps them all current is beyond me – thanks Beewang! Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing!

Next stop O’Hare, for a meetup with Andy and Julie who are flying in to join our adventure from somewhere in darkest Ohio.

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